was founded in 2018 seeking to present itself in the market with a solid and modern image, ensuring the reliability of its employees and its products. It is a company of the administrators of EDIVALOR (www.edivalor.pt) who in 2016, decided to expand its business to the art of extracting and manufacturing granite articles by acquiring a quarry and a granite processing plant, creating , this one specialized in the extraction and transformation of granites.

Combining the strong knowledge of the sector of it CEO’s and a team with a wide experience in the activity, consequently ensures quality in the services provided, presenting itself as a prominent company in the business landscape of the sector.

The company aims to be recognized as a company with quality services, experience and reliability.

is the name of the Quarry, Lda and is located in Moimenta da Beira, Viseu, where are extracted the best stones in the country, such as Granite Gray Ariz and Yellow Ariz.




We perform various types of finish on our Granite, including:


- Flamed
- Sawn
- Bushed
- Sandblasted
- Cracked/Fragmented